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Men and Martinis

I know, I know its hard to associate a man and a martini. But listen up, lately I have been on a kick, and I Believe that if pulled off a martini can be a perfect compliment, and show that you really are a gentleman, which sadly there are very few left. Its hard to argue that what we have below are two examples of the quintessential gentlemen.

Lets talk closet attire first. Every man’s should, in my opinion, be at least 25% suits. I’m talking custom tailored suits. There is hardly a feeling than one of a custom suit. Why do men in our current age believe that a suit is only for work and not to be taken seriously. I mean if you drink lite beer and eat chicken wings, Your custom Lee jeans and Hanes tagless will do, however if you want to step into the world of “gentlemenism” you must take pride in your appearance first and foremost in order to even come close to being able to pull off a well made martini.

Second lets talk shoes for a quick second. They need to reflect your age. If taken care of a good pair of shoes will last you forever. I do not have a problem spending between 300 and 400 for a pair of well made shoes, as opposed to buying three pairs of square toed shoes.

Oh, drop the baggy clothes. They make us look like we are in college, besides the fact that baggy things make you look shorter

and fatter, they also make you look disheveled, and younger. Well fitting jeans, tailored, and an inexpensive sport coat, also fitted can make all the difference and not set you back a fortune. And get a nice watch !!! see Joe at CIR for details on that

Back to the martini. A martini, should always be made with strictly spirits, no liquers, (peach, apple, grape). It should be stirred, not shaken, and it should always be garnished. Ordering a martini on say a date, will tell a lot about your personality, it will show that you are a man that is confident and takes control while ordering. Similar to ordering a bottle of vino, a real martini is a very delicate and specific thing. I prefer mine to be 3 measures 90 proof gin (london dry), one measure vodka (ketel one), and a dash of lillet blanc (orange bitters if lillet is not available), garnished with a orange twist. Obviously there may be many variations of a martini, and you will have to experiment with what you find to be the most interesting and intriguing, as a martini should be as vast and custom, as you are.

Lets talk about gin, which is crucial to any martini. Gin is a distilled spirit, primarily flavored with juniper berries, which makes it very vegetal in nature. In addition to juniper, it is usually made with amounts of citrus botanicals like lemon and bitter orange peel. Other botanicals that may be used include anise, angelica root and seed, orris root, licorice root, cinnamon, cubeb, savory, lime peel, grapefruit peel, dragon eye, saffron, baobab, frankincense, coriander, nutmeg and cassia bark. I prefer Hendricks Gin “Hendrick’s is an iconoclastically produced small batch gin distilled in Ayrshire, Scotland. Our unusual distillation process combined with our oddly delicious set of infusions yields a one-of-a-kind gin that is passionately loved by a tiny yet growing handful of individuals all over the world. No other gin tastes like it because no other gin is made like it.” (

Lillet Blanc Is a French apertif wine, made in Bordeaux and is 85% wine, and blended with orange citrus liquors, and matured in oak casks.90-95 points Wine Enthusiast: “The rounded bouquet features tropical fruit notes of banana and guava, smells of ripe grapes, kiwi and a subtle spiciness.The palate entry is luscious, gently fruity and keenly acidic; midpalate flavors include kiwi, white grapes, raisins, and a vegetal quality. Finish is ripe, delicately spiced, and delicious. An old favorite.

So, There it is, entry level gentelmenomics for you. Enjoy your new found wisdom on Martinis, and if you have anymore interesting ideas for them let me know !


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