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True North

There is something to be said about sitting next to your loved ones around a fire when the snow is falling, and there is definitely something to be said about doing it with good beer.  Recently I traveled to a cozy town in Western Pennsylvania called Slippery Rock to enjoy some good brews at the local North Country Brewing Company.  The 19th century house that once served as a mortuary and Furniture Company has been transformed into a Aspen-esque cabin.  Using local hardwoods, and recycled materials,  “One can sit down at a booth handcrafted with black walnut and curly maple left from the Ubers furniture store, slip a penny in the crack of an original 1805 beam, or rest a beer out back on the slate bar top which was once used as a walkway to the funeral home.”

Eating my farm-to-fork hamburger, locally grown beef and elk coming form North Countries own farm, glazed with homemade BBQ sauce, I take a sip of homemade root beer and think to myself, I still haven’t tried the beer yet!!! North Countries Paleo IPA and Cask version are definitely the stars.  At 6.2% the Paleo has a hoppy but very balanced character, which is easily approachable.  A wonderful floral nose makes this beer a very easy one for people that are trying to get into the craft scene, and perfect for people that already are.  The cask conditioned version was amazing, same characteristics but the N02 lent an amazing creaminess that is unmatched in the craft beer circuit. If your travels ever take you the way of Appalachia  this place is a must stop for a couple of frothy lust.


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